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Originally Posted by SuperDave View Post
Burn up what? The dremel, the bit, or the sprocket? Look again at the pic I posted, I used a carbide wheel mounted on a mandril, both of which come with a dremel accessory kit, not to mention lots of other bits which are useful for porting & polishing. A worthy investment for a China Girl, not to mention much more useful than a hole saw.

There's more than one way to skin a cat, just as there are more ways to enlarge an axle hole on a sprocket to provide clearance for the coaster brake arm than using an expensive dedicated single purpose tool.

Yes I have a drill & hole saw, but it's designed for wood, not chrome steel. Using it for this task would ruin it.
No drill press or expensive anything needed.
The jig is a piece of plywood and a couple of screws.........

Screw the sprocket to a piece of scrap 3/4" plywood around a center pilot hole.

Use hole in plywood to center hole saw on the sprocket and drill away.

Much faster and quicker than using an underpowered dremel.

A Milwaukee 2" bi-metal hole saw is $10.97 at Home Depot.

How long does it take to make all those cuts with your dremel.
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