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Originally Posted by MotorBicycleRacing View Post
Enlarging sprocket holes with a dremel is going to burn it up.

A hole saw in a drill and a simple jig is a better way to enlarge sprocket holes.

I am guessing that you don't own a drill or don't want to pay for a hole saw?
Burn up what? The dremel, the bit, or the sprocket? Look again at the pic I posted, I used a carbide wheel mounted on a mandril, both of which come with a dremel accessory kit, not to mention lots of other bits which are useful for porting & polishing. A worthy investment for a China Girl, not to mention much more useful than a hole saw.

There's more than one way to skin a cat, just as there are more ways to enlarge an axle hole on a sprocket to provide clearance for the coaster brake arm than using an expensive dedicated single purpose tool.

Yes I have a drill & hole saw, but it's designed for wood, not chrome steel. Using it for this task would ruin it.

No, I don't own or have access to a jig or a drill press. Not everyone has access to a fully equipped machine shop. I'm willing to bet a whole dollar that most of us who visit these forums who own, ride, or are interested in motorized bikes are like me, looking to achieve cheap transportation to stretch their meager earnings, folks with limited funds & tools who desire a vehicle capable of 100 miles per gallon. These forums were set up not just to showcase our creations and skills, but to share our knowledge, successes & failures. I am sharing how I was able to modify my drive sprocket so that others could see how it was done and duplicate it themselves.
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