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Default Re: Good motorized pedal car base?

I live in an area that seems ideal for velomobile commuting. The terrain is flat, but there are strong coastal winds. I could build a velomobile like the one in my first reply (red with small black roof) for about $2500. I'm not willing to spend that kind of time and money on a velomobile unless I can commute to work in it.
-I am fortunate to be able to pedal most of my 12 mile commute (one way) on the side walk, next to a freeway frontage road. The danger comes at the intersections. Drivers are looking for cars, rather than bicycles and illegally make their right turns across my path with impunity, though I have the green light and walk signal in my favor, I have to watch and sequence myself with the cars to make my crossing without a crash.
-I don't think it would be possible to make this commute and cross these hazardous intersections in a velomobile, or pedal car, which requires me to sit much lower and takes a little longer to get moving. I suppose with that with a flag and enough LED light strips, I could make the velomobile much more visible to motorists,
- I think the motorists would likely continue to illegally intrude into my path of my vibrantly illuminated velomobile simply because of the volume of traffic and the impatient motorists created that volume.
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