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Default Re: Starting Rickshaw business - PLEASE advise

(Questions on a different style of build than the one above)

I may end up delivering newspapers to fund building additional pedicabs and to compensate profits at the start of the business. I have a few questions about a different type of build based on this.

Basically, I'd like to be able to deliver newspapers on a gas engine motorized bicycle. Due to my funding limits, this would also have to be the base for my pedicab each night. I plan to accomplish this with a trailer-style passenger cab which I can attach and detach as needed.

5a. Can I have a gas engine driving the rear wheel of my bicycle, as well as an electric front wheel? I would not operate these engines at the same time. One would be for delivering papers, and one would be for operating the rickshaws.

5b. If I can have both engines on one bicycle, can I use this setup to charge the battery?

6. Would it be better to have a gas engine bicycle, with a separate, electric engine on the trailer-based passenger cab? Am I understanding correctly that the electric motor on the trailer would be able to propel the bike and trailer both?

7. Would a gas engine be too loud for delivering papers in the early morning hours?

8. If normal gas engines would be too loud, is there a way to soften the engine enough to make it viable?

9. Or, is there a certain engine(type, manufacturer etc) which is known to be substantially quieter than others?
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