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Default Re: Starting Rickshaw business - PLEASE advise

My questions:

1. Is there a site where I can find free or very cheap blueprints for building pedicabs or rickshaws? I'm sure this would save us some effort and time spent on trial and error.

I very much want my pedicabs to have electric engines for a few reasons. I want electric, instead of gas, due to the noise, heat and smell that a gas engine would produce. I believe the novelty of an electric-based pedicab would help create word of mouth and generate more customers, and a little help moving the pedicabs with customers on board would be my next question is:

2. What would be the best electric motor for a pedicab?

3. Would having electric wheels for both of the pedicab's rear wheels make it more effective or should I only have an electric front wheel?

4. I've read about people creating systems which charge one electric battery while using a separate one for power: Is such a recharging system possible? If so, can you please link me to a product designed for this or (preferably) a set of instructions or blueprints for building it myself?

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