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Default Re: not to impressed with first kit looking for upgrade

Most of the china engine castings look like crap, bent and deformed fins, rough spots, slag and flash stuck to the casting, uneven seems, gaskets protruding out. Good news is aluminum is soft and cleans up easily. I've found that power tools / air tools tend to be better suited for roughing in your surfaces. I use hand files to do the finish work. Yes it takes longer but you won't have any "opps moments". It's a lot easier to take metal off than put it back on...

Wheelwoman is right about heating up the fins to straighten them, and being very careful with the amount of heat you use.

Here is another tip to control the temperature. Using an acetylene / oxygen torch with an appropriate size "rosebud tip" lightly coat the aluminum surface with acetylene soot (oxygen off), turn on the oxygen and heat up the bent surface. Keep the torch moving so not to concentrate the heat in one spot. Aluminum melts at 900 degrees and the soot will burn off at about 800 degrees. At this point the aluminum will bend easily before it melts. If you have little or no experience with a torch avoid a tragic disaster and find someone who does have the skills. Hope this helps...

Here is a link to a pic of a silver china girl I recently finished in black.

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