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Default Re: so what other non motorized bikes do you own!!!!

Nothing real special here- I have a '59 Schwinn Panther II with a kickback hub, a really nice (to me) Panasonic 10 speed with the freewheeling crank so you can shift even at low speeds without having to pedal. I love the bike, but I had to put a cruiser style seat on it since the original seat was for masochists.

I have a 3 speed Next bike from wmart....light, cheaply built- (I sheared the crank right off the sprocket doing "burnouts" with it, had to weld it up...)

I also have a Trailmate Easy Ride, which will eventually get a bicycle engine kit. It's a funky looking semi-diamond frame with weird bars and big chrome fenders. I haven't been able to find any info on it.
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