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Default Re: New Twist On Banana Pipe

Originally Posted by massdrive View Post
After setting the pipe exactly the way I wanted it with what ever I could use to shim, block and hold it in place I tacked it together. After tacking it securely I removed it and finished welding it. I'm an experienced welder and was confident that it would fit after welding so I went ahead and painted it with 2000 degree heat paint and installed it after it dried. As I said before I didn't want to drill any holes in the frame or have some crazy looking brackets on it so while the paint was drying I fabricated a doughnut clamp with a drilled and tapped mounting pad from aluminum pipe and clamped it to the rear down tube, and screwed the banana pipe to it. I'm very satisfied with the final outcome. Bonus; it oils my chain for me... lol I'm going to add a 70 to 80 degree curved tail pipe to the end to blow the exhaust away from the bike...
The bike has good midrange torque and really comes alive at the top end. When I blip the throttle the bike jumps forward. I love it....
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