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Default Re: New Twist On Banana Pipe

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Nice job, I used an old set of 10 speed handlebars to make my header pipe for the last expansion exhaust I made up for one of my bikes, diameter of the pipe is a bit smaller than I would really prefer but it seems to be working out ok so far.

first pic was before I had brazed it together, then brazed and then welds ground down and painted with VHT High Heat exhaust paint.

Yeah I know.............this is a monster pipe, but the performance gains are excellent with this pipe, I have the SBP pipe on another pipe and it is good pipe also but didn't add nearly as much mid range gain as this big old honking brute of a pipe did so I decided to make it work on this bike best I could without using a super long header pipe, it's a bit cramped on here but not enough to bother me since ride with my left foot forward anyway.

again, nice fab work on the header pipe and that is a very clean mounting job you did with the custom seat tube clamp/mount.... great work massdrive!

Thank you. I was 1 key stroke away from buying a wiggle pipe, but wound up with a banana... Maybe I use a wiggle on the next build.
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