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Default Re: a video of my bike

Tighten the gold colored bolt and see if that will stop the slight leak you have around those red colored gaskets.

the SBP expansion exhaust is the best bang for the buck IMHO, Pablo still has them on sale here:

There's more than one way to set this up on your bike, it can be an under type setup or an up high set up, I like the up high way, pipe comes with silicone tubing to join the pipes togethers and that works fine for a while, I prefer a more rigid set up that I dont have to worry about burning out or breaking loose.

I have use one of two methods for assembling the exhaust on my bikes, first was a simple but great easy cheap way, I cut top and bottom off a beer or soda pop can, then with scissors split it so that it becomes a piece of thin aluminum flashing/sheeting, get two hose clamps, slide them onto each pipe to be joined together then wrap the aluminum multiple times around where the two pipes meet, slide clamps over outter ends of where the flashing is wrapped over pipe and then tighten clamps down on each end of where the flashing is wrapped around the pipe, this makes a strong durable joint between the exhaust pipes and wont come loose or burn out as long as expansion chamber is mounted securely to bike so it cant bounce around and pull on the jointed area.

Second, way I use and have it currently done on my Huffy Karaoke bike is by using copper tubing fittingsthat just press into each other, I put clamps and a spring to hold one of the main joints together as you will see in the pix I included here, last pic is with SBP pipe on the Kulana bike using the silicone tubing which was later replaced with the soda pop/beer/Coke can, wrapped as I described above.

HuffyDavidson has some pix he has posted before of his done with the beer can wrap and clamp technique, it works great and is very easy and inexpensive way to set it up.

Hope this helps ya out buddy.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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