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Default Re: not to impressed with first kit looking for upgrade

Originally Posted by rogergendron1 View Post
now heres the deal ...
you can spend 600$ on a dax balanced motor, a puch hi hi head, an reed valve kit and 3rd transfer port jug, a larger carb, a ramped cut ported piston, upgraded hub adapter, and have a fast kinda powerfull motor that will require constant tune ups.

you can spend 600$ on a denardis 50cc air cooled motor and have tons of raw power and reliability, and rediculous speed, but must custom weld mounts on your bike.

you can spend 600$ on a preddy 212, aluminum fly wheel, carb and manifold, degovern it, vale train mods for the higher rpms, and a cvt trany,..... and have the most rellable fastest torque monster bike around, but you better know how to build an engine and custom mod one to also requires custom mounts and proper gearing anf tunning of the cvt.

all of thease can be had for the same cost of tossing money at a garbage china girl to go fast . in the end you could have just got a way better motor for the money you spent.

If you've the wherewithal to build bikes that'll take those other two options, then you can build a bike with just about any engine you please. You've reached the point in which it isn't just a matter of if it'll fit, rather that the bike and it's components will all need to be upgraded/modified to deal with it.

There's a middle ground though, 200cc utility engines aren't really an option for most, other than limited track use. With that in mind and realizing that anything other than a kit will require some fabrication there's a bunch of quality small displacement engines available, if your not building a monster track bike you'll not need to replace so many bike parts either.

The difficulty is there's really only the one easy to install in-frame "kit", not a lack of engines lol
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