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Default Re: New Build Cool Stuff

Merry Christmas!

I finished the new build yesterday, and went for a ride. It fired right up without any hassles.

The bike rides great! Zero vibration is being transfered through the frame. The final sprocket design was given 38 teeth on the CNC. It's just right for this bike. The sprocket has a 5/8", dished, off-set that alows the chain to clear the brake arm and tire perfectly. The clamshell design allows the sprocket to be adjusted in and out along the hub. This combination made installation a breeze.

The new owner has a fabrication shop. He has made a custom tank that will go between the frame tubes. He didn't have time to finish it so I put the factory tank on temporarily.

I also made a real cool looking exhaust pipe: but he's got to weld it up, and again he didn't have time.

I had planned on making a custom clutch actuator that incorporates a precision chain tensioner. I started on it but there was not time to get it finished.

The new intake positioned the carb in the way of the clutch cable so I made a custom arm that worked out great!

I also bought one of Norman's light kits...Norman does a real nice job making these, and they work great!

As soon as these other items are installed, I'll take some final pics.

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