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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Having spent the early AM cleaning up the yard and preparing for winter, I had put to barn those builds that had not sold this year. Also all of my scrap bikes went into shelter of the barn- I left out my 'Free Spirit' 10 speed cruiser (non-motored) and my 2010 'Beach Breeze' which is my first build- my kids refer to it as 'Grampa'. Well, I dribbled a bit out of one of the other tanks, poured it into 'Grampa's' tank and down the road I went.
Still running the NT carb, I think my top speed was 25mph. Don't care. 25mph is plenty fast when you enjoy the ride. Passed a gaggle of folks mounted on horseback- cut the motor and pedaled as a courtesy, you don't know if the horses will spook. Fired back up once I passed the critters and continued on my merry way. Not a long run, but a fun one.
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