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Default Re: New Saddle for an Old Horse

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
The problem is we have two dogs. If I didn't pick up the leaves, by the time spring comes and the leaves decompose, we'd be knee deep in dog poop. Yeah, that's fertilizer too but tracking it in the house would not be fun.

We have a couple big dogs as well (Doberman and Pit Bull mix) and big Tom Cat.

The cat goes in the yard, digs a hole, poops in it and then covers it up.
The dogs go in the yard, dig holes, then crap elsewhere leaving an empty hole and piles of crap that needs cleaned up.
These two co-habitation animal types need to get on the same page don't ya think?
The dogs dig a hole, they all go in it, and then the cat can fill it in Hehhehe ;-}
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