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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

While swapping the kit from the Huffy to the Dyno we put a ported cylinder on with a piston we notched and took it for a test ride. After almost 10 miles we came back home and I could tell the motor was running rich, we checked the temp on my bike and the Arrow motor. My bike was running 50 degrees cooler than the already cool running arrow (about 140 degrees at the hottest spot). Didn't have time to look any further but tomorrow the SBP Expansion goes on and hopefully that will cure some of that richness.

Im also throwing on a 41T sprocket to see if I like it and will then probably order the 40T with sprocket adaptor from Sportsman Flyer. I cant wait to get the Dax balanced motor fully ported, the Skyhawk is rattling me to death at high speed lol, but that will have to wait awhile as I gather funds and figure out just how that build is going to happen.

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