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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

I've been working on the new build (no thread for it yet, and my pc has decided it won't talk to my phone today, so no pics right now).

  • Front motor mount was widened successfully, it's a tight fit but that's fine
  • Sprocket's center hole was widened just enough to fit, and it's mounted.. (added bonus, 36 spoke wheels)
  • Motor is mounted
  • Muffler had to have the holes filed to clear the crank, done and installed
  • I'd raided this motor for the magneto coil some time ago. Pulled out a 'dead' magneto coil and went over it. Discovered the problem was where the coil is 'soldered' by the factory. Got that fixed, and it's within spec on the Ohm meter. (Feeling good about that). Removed the white wire, coil's installed in the motor now.
  • Pulled apart the front hub. On the outside, there was a layer of gunk that felt and looked like it'd been around a deep fryer.. thick and sticky. The inside of the hub was also had deposits of that gunk, and the bearings and races were solid with it. Cleaned everything out, wiped all the gunk off the bearings and so on. Repacked in green heavy duty axle grease, reassembled and installed the front wheel. Never opened up a hub before, it went pretty well.
  • Replaced the wire and boot on a CDI, haven't installed it yet.
So, let's see... that leaves
  • install CDI, throttle, clutch lever and cable
  • decide if I'm going to make a clutch roller or not
  • mount tank
  • install carb (probably pull that apart first to be sure it's clean), fuel line and filter
  • install chain (and roller if needed)
  • put the seatpost and seat back on
  • dig out a kickstand and give it a leg to stand on when it comes down out of the sling.
Not bad.. should be ready to test ride and tune pretty soon.


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