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Default Re: Rugged off road mini bike build thread.

lol yes progress has been made, and thanks Dan for the welcome back. I'm really excited about this build. I have just been so dang busy lately but anyways. Thanks to this forum I was able to meet Rick and he has been teaching me about building these things from scratch. The two side pieces for the frame are bent. They are bent from two 10' sticks of 14ga 1" square tubing. Rick taught me to bend them using a band saw to cut slits and now they are welded back together. Welds still need cleaned up. We made the frame taller than intended, but I'm going to leave it like that. Makes for a real comfortable height between the seat and where the foot pegs will be. Sacrificing some ground clearance for it, but it'll be just fine for me.

Oh and also Dan I will be using a symmetrical (not asymmetrical) comet series 20, I already have those pulleys. I don't know what you mean by a non-conventional belt. Here is a pic of the tubes, like I said the welds still need cleaned up, but I don't think I am going to grind them down, maybe just sand it. I kinda like the raw look of the welds being there, and I'm pretty sure Rick and I only plan on welding other parts to those parts of the frame so I should be able to get away with sanding just rough spots away.

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