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Default Re: Options to reinforce frame drop outs?

Originally Posted by rustycase View Post
Generally, we advise a steel frame.
Common news from the aircraft industry is catastrophic failure of aluminum parts due to metal fatigue causing stress cracks and failure, with no warning.
Good luck!

and I know that's a big negative... sry.
"We"? o.O

As has been mentioned previously, it isn't so much the material but rather the quality of construction - "steel" won't save you from shoddy welds and substandard parts.

For every report of aluminum failure there's at least ten times that regarding steel - does that make steel hazardous? Of course not, rather steel is simply the more commonly used material in the cheapest of bicycles.

Every material has it's advantages and disadvantages, aluminum no exception - but I must say referencing the extreme duress of aviation would serve as a recommendation rather than a caution against, a failure to inspect doesn't constitute a "no warning" scenario and the "fatigue" experienced is caused by conditions so far in excess of anything possibly applicable to our bicycles that the very fact they continue to use it is good enough for me.
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