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Cool in need of info

Hi, here is my dilemma..i was looking at a link by norman about engine rebuild since i cant seem to find the leaky gasket thats causing my question is the gasket you see (not the magneto area or the clutch wheel case) that runs right underneath your carb ,which i assume are for the bottom half when they connect together--do you have to take everything apart like normans guide to get to that gasket? if i do have to start taking it apart, he mentions pullers but i never saw it (but then again it was 5 in the mornin too). What tool would he be mentioning?( quick reference would be one of my last posts which read-- (acceleration/gaskets/general discussion)

Also, i have been searching for pics on taking your exhaust apart. I would like to try and clean my baffle as i already cleaned out my cap and it was cruddy. i just didnt wanna get ahead of myself..haha i saw a few of em but they were talking but cutting off one end and after a few more searches found nothing.. i appreciate all your help and hope to return the favor one day..thanks
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