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Default Re: Need help with muffler.

I bend the tubing so the muffler is farther from pedals in the past when I ran a stock muffler, usually only has to be bent a slight amount, very simple and works everytime in my experience.

just chuck the pipe up in a well mounted bench vise and pull until it moves about a 1/4-1/2" in the right direction and you have problem solved.

this sounds very crude and it is but I have also put tubing if fork of tree and pulled on muffler end to slightly bend pipe for clearance.

as for the bolts coming out, use lock washers under them and put a healthy does of Blue loctite or similar thread locker on before screwing them in.

personally I like using studs on the exhaust and then double nutting them with loctite on threads and they never come loose.
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