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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by CTripps View Post
Well, I didn't get as far as I'd planned today, a few other things got in the way. I did get the brake cables are switched over, and got the chewed up decal from the seat tube off and the tube clean. The tires appear to be holding pressure. I still can't figure out why this bike was in the dump, the only thing I can find that isn't quite right are the bearings on the front axle. They're a bit stiff, and it feels rough when it turns. The back axle's fine, the wheel will spin quietly all day. Their loss, my gain.
This something that mystifies me too mon Capitaine. A little before I moved to live here in the rural countryside the family next door moved out. They ordered up a skip (dumpster) obviously intending to do a fairly heavy duty cleanup and among the things that went in the skip were their kids' bicycles that were barely six months old. Plainly they considered the bicycles to be disposible and that it would be less effort to buy new ones when they got to where they were going rather than take them with them. If I hadn't been on the brink of moving myself I would have grabbed those bikes, but I had enough bikes, mechanical bits and tools to pack up already without adding to the pile.

I rarely buy tyres anymore because it's possible to find bikes in the council tip that still have the pips on the tyres because they've been ridden so little. I'm sure these bikes get bought, ridden once or twice then parked up and never used again because taking the car is easier and less work. After they get fallen over once too often in the garage they get tossed out and end up in the tip.

What did i do to my own bikes today? - mostly sighed over them in between cleaning out my garage workshop. Mind you once I've got it all set to rights I will be able to do some serious metalwork again, so it's worth putting up with the drudgery.
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