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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Yesterday I put the new project bike from the dump in the sling and started stripping it down to work on it. Off came the accessories (bottle cage, lock with no key, seat bag, bar ends), wheels, hand grips, brake levers. Gave the frame a wipe down (should probably actually wash it), cleaned up the rims and put some pressure in the tires. If they're still firm today I'll be surprised, but laughing as that means I won't even have to patch or replace the tubes. Dropped a chain into my soaking mix for it, too.

When I go get started today, it's Dremel time; I need to widen the center hole in the sprocket a little so it'll sit nicely on the hub, open up the front motor mount on the engine by 1/16" each side so it'll sit in frame properly (the down tube is 1 3/8" dia, the cast mount on the engine is made for 1 "), and take the molded ends off the brake cable sheaths and put them into the dual lever I put on it. Depending on how it all goes, this build could be burning fuel on the weekend.


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