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Default Re: everything you ever wanted in a motorized bike, except a motor...


while the rixe tandem is an awesome design of tandem overkill, it's just not something i can ride around, especially without a girlfriend...

i picked it up locally for really cheap. the rear wheel looked like someone ran into a curb, then went back and dropped the sidewalk on top of it.

had to bang out two spots where the side of the rim was bulged out, and manhandle a foot long flat spot till it was round again. it seriously looked like someone dropped the bike off a roof onto the back wheel.

after i got it mostly round, i had to tighten and loosen the spokes at least ten times to true it back into shape. now, you can't even tell. not even the slightest hop.

the fork is a real piece of work, too.

the 4 link arms are threaded, with one side being left hand thread. it all has to be built as a unit and took a lot of head scratching to figure it out.

by adjusting the tightness of the links, you can vary the spring rate, either making a loose bouncy ride that hops all over and absorbs all your pedaling strength, to a nice stiff ride that only compresses on big bumps.

if i could find a russian motor or anything small besides a cheap chinese kit, i'd motorize it. but for now it's a bar hopper.
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