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Default Re: What I found while cleaning out the garage.

This is funny
sounds just like me. Years ago my son's had a trike that would tip over when they would go to fast around a corner. So i cut and welded a wider axel and put on ball bearing wheels, no more crying. About three years ago my one son was living with me going to school so we packed everything in boxes,insulated and rocked the ceiling and its been a mess ever sence. Bring home stuff and stash it,well i have been cleaning for two years and going through and selling. I have a lake place thaat i am going to sell so the stuff has to go some were. I made a mistake of building a pole barn and now its full.
Just two days ago i went through the shed and found 13 weed eaters motors, kind of froget on how many i had and, now most will go to the scrap. Good thing is found a couple with regular clutches in that will work for friction drive.
Like you found some work space and am working on a bike in the mean time............Curt
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