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Default Re: What I found while cleaning out the garage.

Did a little more cleaning up this evening and uncovered my stock of useful steel scrap that I'd liberated from the council tip a while ago. I'm pleased about that because there is nothing worse than going and buying steel that you've already got, but couldn't find.
i found two more 21inch motorcycle wheels with drum brakes, - that makes six in all, - three with discs and three with drum brakes. What on earth was i planning to do?

Cleaning up has been bitter-sweet though. I have several road and track bikes which I'm never going to be able to ride anymore. I'm not saying I was ever any good at it, but I used to enjoy going fast on those narrow tyred beauties. New Zealand used to have its own bicycle industry and I've got two representatives, a 1931 Empire track bike with a chrome moly frame that's as light as a maiden's sigh and a 1980's Healing roadie complete with its original trick alloy group set of components.
I've got a Malvern Star as well that I was halfway through rebuilding before I got ill, a no-name roadie that I picked up somewhere that has nice geometry and a1950's English Wearwell pathracer that somehow acquired a set of very sweet French made hubs and rims during it's long life. Would you believe the Wearwell got tossed in a skip by relatives who were cleaning up after grandad died. They thought it was 'just some old bike'. Idiots.
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