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Default Re: What I found while cleaning out the garage.

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Wish my mom had "a good big workbench, tube bender, a 10 tonne hydraulic press, bench grinder, drill press and a lathe" and don't forget the welder, too. My mom didn't have any of that stuff, sniff.

She did, however have a multi purpose pancake turner good for pancakes and bad boy spankings.
Lol SB.

I was so lucky with that big old solid workbench I have. A large house in the next street that had been standing empty for ages finally sold and when the new owners moved in they put the workbench which had been in the garage on the side of the road with a 'Free for the taking' sign on it. I had the very first trike I built back then based on a Raleigh frame and because it was my first trike I made some mistakes with it, but at least it worked. Somehow i managed to load the massive workbench which is all of eight feet long and made of native hardwoods onto my Raleigh trike and I very slowly and carefully pedaled home. I managed to severely bend the rear axle on my trike, but at least I and the workbench arrived in one piece and without anything awful happening.
The rest of those nice tools came from my redundancy payout when I had to take early retirement. After having to struggle on for years with a much more basic set of tools I decided that I'd treat myself so I could spend my retirement building pretty much whatever i pleased.

Being such a handywoman kind of Mum my kids thought I could repair anything and i was often tearfully presented with a favourite toy that no longer worked and somehow I would get it to go again. Their Nanas would buy them toys and they certainly meant well, but some of the mechanical ones were pretty darn flimsy. One toy I repaired ended up with all its gears mounted on stainless steel shafts running in little brass bushings. After that it really was childproof!
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