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Default everything you ever wanted in a motorized bike, except a motor...

just finished this bike up today.

the frame started out as an early 80's Takara BMX cruiser that i cut out and welded new drop-outs on, new brake and fender bracket, and a coaster brake bracket.

the girder forks are from the Rixe tandem i scored a while back.

the rims are also from the tandem. they're 26" alloy drop center rims, which i relaced with 11g spokes and a Fichtel-Sachs Komet coaster in the rear and a worksman drum up front.

the drum's not hooked up because i need a lever.

it's got an old school bmx stem on it with NOS Tufneck alloy mini-bars.

for added old school flavor there's NOS Sugino Cro-Mo cranks, NOS Sugino spider and NOS Sugino 40t Sprocket, hooked up to KKT rat trap pedals.

cut and welded layback seat post with my old Frankenstien Brooks saddle.

it rides pretty awesome. it looks like it should be a sluggish, heavy monster, but it sails along nice and smooth. the forks are stiffer than i expected, which is good, 'cause i hate mushy springers that flex and dive everytime you hit a little bump.

right now i've got no plans to put a motor on it. it's my new favorite cruiser.

i'm thinking i might keep on cruising it and train for the next coaster brake challenge in january
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