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Default Re: What I found while cleaning out the garage.

I know how that goes.. for a long time after we moved in here the garage was full of stuff that simply wouldn't go in the house.. (the house is much smaller than the one we lived in in southern Ontario). After several years of ignoring most of it, we finally got into the sort'n'toss this past summer. I recovered tens of square feet to work in. Of course, then a friend from years ago got in touch with me looking for a place to stay for a bit. We cleared out the 'full room' in the house for him to use, now my garage is back to having almost enough space to get past the bikes to work on things. The clear space to work in moves a little now, as finding things in there is a bit like a sliding tile puzzle (I always hated those things). I can get that out, but to do so this pile needs to move to there, and that pile to here.. and so on.

A little rack mount motor would be ideal on that bike, just enough to help it get up the hills. Something like the one on the little scooter I have buried in my garage would be ideal.



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