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Default What I found while cleaning out the garage.

Today i finally had to face facts, - it's no good trying to work on my projects if my garage workshop is in a complete mess. While I was ill the garage became a general dumping ground and once I was back on my feet again and feeling more well I just plain baulked at the thought of trying to penetrate the mounds of cardboard boxes and other trash that covered everything. Occasionally I would make intrepid forays to fetch handtools and every time I did it swore that I was going to clean up the mess.

Well today was the day and it wasn't long before I had my daughter's car packed with rubbish to go to the tip. Believe me this was rubbish, an old and expert scavenger like me knows the difference between trash and treasure and this was trash through and through. Only problem was I forgot that the Council tip isn't open on a Wednesday. The trip wasn't wasted though because one of the very old hotels (also known as a pub) in town was being renovated and armed with my sweetest smile I asked the builder chaps if I could have a pick over their rubbish pile for useful pieces of timber. Arriving at home with more than I left with isn't so unusual for me, but in this case my cyclecar project is going to receive the benefit of my spot of daring opportunism.
Fortunately my daughter said she didn't mind me leaving everything in her car to take to the tip tomorrow, so at least I didn't have to unload anything more than the timber I'd gleaned. My daughter is very used to her Mum's strange habits

Not wanting to be held up I continued to shift the rubbish piles from the garage to the carport in readiness for carting away tomorrow. And as the piles became less wonderful forgotten treasures came to light. For some reason I had hoarded away three 21inch motorcycle wheels complete with brake disks and one 21inch wheel with a drum brake. Bicycle wheels, tubes and tyres made their appearance. A complete but tatty Mixte ten speed and another ratty ten speed that must've belonged to a chap with an inside leg measurement to rival the Jolly Green Giant emerged from the pile.
I found a box full of NOS parts that I'd picked up at a sale, the rest of the bits of my second gen China Girl kit I thought I'd lost. A spare chrome China Girl kit gas tank, - and so it went on.
But the best surprise was finding a pair of new wheels and a motor for a Chinese electric scooter as well as a solid little commuter bicycle which one of the staff at the council tip had rescued and put by for me well over a year ago now.
I might just have plans for that wee bicycle........
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