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Default Re: Boost Bottle Works -PROOF

Thunderhead289, can we try this?

Since you do seem to be very interested in the Boostbottle, could you find dyno results for us to look at that show an increase in power, which of course would lead to improved fuel economy.

IMO, the boost bottle will somewhat mediate the intake pulse.
Honestly, I don't know if that is good or bad!
A carb would like to see a smooth, un-interrupted flow.
But the combustion chamber... well that's a different story.
It's port timed, and that also causes an interruption when nothing can happen with the fuel charge.

Your vid shows raw fuel which has dropped out of the vapor state and is running down the interior walls of the device, from where it will be, well, just kinda droozled haphazardly back into the intake tract from where it began as vapor.

Hmmmm. It might just make fuel economy worse!
Interesting to give this more thought.

If you have access to quality video equipment, I'd like to see if it eliminates the intake spit that port timed 2 strokes have.
Is your air cleaner wet with raw fuel? Like mine is?

Yup. A fancy dyno run would give the information I'd like to have...

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