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Default Re: Boost Bottle Works -PROOF

it goes to the point of being so lean that it cuts it out very quickly as it does not get enough to fire properly, it almost the same as shutting the fuel off. trust me its on the lean side. before I leaned the idle mix screw down id actually get a backfire out the carb side(blew carb right off once) by holding the bottle line. the only way to get a backfire out the carb side is a lean condition.

if I was viewing this from an outsiders perspective I would see it the same way as you if I didn't know what I know about my particular set up.

also, I believe the boost bottle power gains are negligible, though I do see a fuel efficiency increase. it seems that I am into the throttle much less then the first 200 miles i ran the bike without it.

it seems that there are varying opinions as on many performance alterations. i believe this to be the fun in it all as everyone always has different set ups. keeps things very interesting!

btw, this smiley thing is hilarious. confusous say children who ride behind motorized bike get exhausted
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