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Default Re: Boost Bottle Works -PROOF

Originally Posted by Thunderhead289 View Post
im not sure if your mocking me or not,. . .
I would not do that.
It is considered to be bad form, in the land of forums, and would quite possibly generate an unhappy message from a moderator.

This board is maintained in a high spirited and very friendly manner, for benefit of all.

That being said, I am NOT a proponent of the Boost Bottle, even though I am aware that at least one major manufacturer of first line two stroke dirtbikes has used a device similar to that on production models.

When I do have a disagreement with someones presentation, engineering, or workmanship, it is usually regarding a safety issue and I will explain my point of view precisely, and why the fault should be corrected.

Since our threads are generally conducted in a roundtable format, I try to begin any adverse position I may have with an IMO, and suggest readers seek a 2nd opinion.

I been around the block a few times, but certainly don't know it all!

Good luck with that boost bottle!
There's been quite a bit of discussion on them.
Your presentation was good, though I suspect the jury is still out.
My goal is cheap, reliable, personal transport, below the tax collector radar. Fun counts for a lot!
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