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Just tried it.

The problem I realized is that the motor forced induction for Super/turbo chargers is based on boost levels on the order of 10-30psi to pre-compress the cylinder air.

There is no way I can see to achieve anywhere near these boost levels pre and post carburetor, The carburetor ITSELF will leak out the throttle cable port.

Not to mention that the overall design of the twostroke engine is not designed to hold pressure like a four stroke with valves, our intakes and exhaust are simultaneously open, the only thing that this leads to is blow-through, no extra power, no pre-compression, just wasting fuel.

The whole point of charging a fourstroke is to get precompression in the cylinder, unfortunately our motor designs, and all two-stroke designs, have the exhaust port exposed for many degrees of crank beyond the intake/transfers, so even if the cylinder had been pressurized from the intake all of it would blow out once the intake closed and the exhaust was still open.

THIS is why the concept of expansion chambers is the number one way to improve performance of a two stroke engine, because the cylinder can ONLY recieve precompression from the LAST OPEN PORT, which is the EXHAUST. in point... I need a tuned pipe, and forced induction will never work right like on a four-stroke, it may help get airflow at higher RPM, but it will never provide boosted power.

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