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Default Re: Adding a bit of Chrome

So, all together you'll need:
  • 29 +" door trim
  • reliable cutters
  • a staple
  • pliers
  • clips (I used small biner clips, clothespegs may even work)
1. Start the trim as close to the front center as you can, clipping it tight against the tank lip. Press the trim into place around the lip, placing clips as you go (extras on corners).

chrome trim 01.jpg

2. When you get back around to the end of the trim, match the angle and cut off the excess as closely as you can.

chrome trim 02.jpg

3. I'm using a 3/8" staple to make sure the ends stay together, so with the smallest bit I have for my dremel, I made a hole through the underside half only of the trim, as close to 3/16" from each end as I could, freehand.

chrome trim 03.jpg

4. Slide the staple into one hole, and bend it with pliers. Work the other end of the staple into the other hole, and gently tighten up with pliers. Putting a staple in like this will act as a clip to help keep the ends from eventually pulling off.

chrome trim 04.jpg

5. Push the ends in toward the tank as tight as you can, and put one last clip over the staple.

chrome trim 05.jpg

Leave it for a day or two before undoing the clips, as the edge trim has some contact adhesive of it's own in it. When the clips come off there will be indent marks in the trim, but they will relax out within a short time.

For finished appearance, look in my cruiser album.

Thanks for reading.


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