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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Great to hear your doing well considering that nasty spill, hope everything heals up 100%

Be sure to keep us posted on new build and keep us up to date with you opinion and results with the Fed Engine, I know he does good work and I sure wish I knew how his work compares to the Dax balanced lowers and complete engines, the one I have on a bike now is a strong runner and is the smoothest running engine I ve ever had, but I have no way to compare the Fred to the Dax qnd really wish someone could do a side by side comparison with identical components.

Oops got off on a rabbit trail here....!

Hope all is well with ya Matt and look forward to following your next build.

Thank you much! My friends bike currently has a fred motor on it, and it does 40 on a 36t. I do believe its overjetted from when fred runs them in and my buddy hasn't changed them yet. I have to say tho, its buttery smooth and you can feel it pull great with the mikuni. Just too rich up top starts 4 stroking. When I install mine, I will likely switch back to a stock CDI seeing as cooling isnt an issue, the damn head is about half as tall as the cyl body is!

anywho, thanks for the well wishes, I'm walking mostly normal at this point, definitely have something very bruised in my foot. Luckily I am presently not working so I have the proper time to rest and make sure this doesnt present a long term issue or recurring discomfort.

Probably the biggest concern out of this whole incident was this: "am i gonna be one of those people that got ****ed up right before 25yr old and has to live in pain for the rest of time?"

Luckily I believe the answer will be no, assuming I don't stress myself or fall down a flight of stairs.

At least while my primary bike is down, I can work on finishing my cruiser build that I put on the back burner.

I'll check in with progress and pics later! cant wait to show you how rippled the rear wheel is hahaha


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