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Default Re: ok this isnt normal

i get 35mph on a 44t with a puch head heavy porting, port matched, piston ramps, skirt cut for intake, cns v3 carb, and a free flowing pipe.

your probably not tunned right ... i need to see a pic of your motor and a pic of your plug.

i need your motor size and type also

does it vibrate a lot or is it smooth ?

also what carb do you have ???

it sound like (without knowing all of this info) that your carb is out of tune and you have a air leak somewhere !and also despite popular myth the higher the oct the cooler it burns the higher the comp the higher the oct needed ... adjust plug to warmest you can run with the comp and and octaine lvls you are running to get a full clean burn.

ohh and your plug is too cool try a b5 or 6hs, despite comon myths higher octain burns cooler than lower octaine !!!
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