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Default Re: Harbor Freight self contained engine electrical output?

Howdy Sinsinx, welcome to the forum.

No, the HF Pred does not have any extra electrical output. So you would have to Ninja or MacGyver some. If you took it off the brake HP, there would be a power loss and if taken off the PTO, a room issue, width wise. Then you would need some sort of alternator.

Another option would be a bottle gen like the old bike light ones but DIY and wound for 12 or 6V and at around 15 or 16 MPH. (What I have found to be the avg, motorized bicycle speed)

Another option is a rechargeable system. But I think the best would be a solar panel with the option to plug in to recharge a battery system.

But you are gonna get some great thoughts and suggestions. Just MHO there.
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