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Default Small engine testing equipment

(their "Bench top dyno" is the cheapest by far)

If you dont have the creativity or intelligence to build your own dyno (I imagine it can be done from a simple generator, especially for our little motors), you can buy them, though they arent cheap, it'd be ridiculously handy to have them, especially when comparing different mods. If noone else wants to indulge, I'll definitely be looking into it once I save up some money from my new job (about $7000 a month, woo!). I want to know what mods work, and what dont, and having a dyno and other testing equipment will help tremendously.

Imagine if you will: Seeing if a full cylinder reed port is better than just a piston and boost port.

If Jake's Power Plenum actually does add power, and where

If the boost bottle really is nothing but overhyped garbage.

And if you really want: Rather than always telling people "you need to jet higher or lower", you can test all of the mods in combination to find the best combos, AND simultaneously measure the oxygen in the exhaust to find the perfect jetting for any situation, and with a little math (altitude and such), give exact jet numbers to people tuning their new engine.
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