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Default Re: Strange issue

Did you see the spark or are you assuming? Any motor will turn over even with out the plug in it while engaged to the rear wheel. and when you give it gas the sound will change. Is the choke lever pushed down or is it up?

I sold this kid a bike a month later he calls me up ...he told me it was running & idling fine but just wouldn't rev up when he turned the throttle so I brought him over him a new throttle cable ...come to find out it wasn't even starting at allg when he pedaled around he thought it was running as he put it " the motor made the sound as if it was running" but it wasn't firing up he had me so confused Come to find out he fried he magneto

Thats why I ask are you sure your getting spark you need to physically see it.. If your getting spark and fuel then my guess would be the choke is on

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