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I want to thank you guys for your very kind words. It means a lot to me and gives some confirmation to what I believe to be true. Norm, I'm glad for all of us that you made the choice you made four years ago

Some years back in 1995 my life was changed in a moment by a bolt of lighting which entered my left ear and made it's exit between my eyes, out the forehead and crown with bleeding burns. I got a badly impaired memory and a traumatic brain injury out of the deal but I still wake up every morning and still know my name. A few years after that the nerve damage led to a condition similar to polio called Guillane Barre Syndrome which left me crippled for a time and I fully expected the condition to deteriorate further and die from it. I did a give away and waited around for what I thought was coming, got bored waiting and forced myself to walk and to make it a little more each day. That first winter a walk to the mailbox and to carry in firewood was all I managed. That was also the winter I bought a dead bikebug motor on ebay, tinkered with it and put it on an old Schwinn by early summer, thinking that I might be able to ride it even if I couldn't pedal much. I was still walking every day, still increasing the distance... quit using a cane and by the end of summer I one day walked 18 miles and declared my self no longer crippled. The GBS is still there and never improved, but I improved. My upper legs learned to compensate for what the lower legs could no longer manage.

During that dark winter when I thought things were coming to an end I felt pretty low, depressed, and was aware of just how dark my life had become. I also realized intuitively that the best defense against the dark is to generate your own light, as much of it as you can. It was a powerful understanding which has served me well. For me, making things gives me joy, just thinking about making things will, too. For someone else it might be singing, or dancing or running or who knows... we are all of us different. Anyway, I think it is important to do things that make you happy and when you're happy it spreads out to others, just like when Aaniimoosh and I go riding with her in her canoe sidecar and wearing her doggles and me tooling along on a classy old bicycle under motor power. People smile and wave and I can see that it makes them happy, too. How good is that?
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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