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Default what do you carry in your bike bag/tool bag ?

alright guys let everyone know and show us if you can, what you carry around with you when your on your bike !

i carry

-1 small 5oz jug mixed with 1.8 oz opti 2, 2 oz octaine booster and 1oz upper cilyinder lube
-a small metric socket set of all the sizes of my bike and a socket wrench
-a 4 in one screw driver
-a spare plug
-a plug socket
-a multie tool with sharp knife
-a small 6x6 sheet of gasket paper rolled up
-a spare plug wire with boot
-a craftsman robo grip (small one)
-2 small adjustable wrenches (just big enough for my inside axle nuts)
-a metric allen wrench set
-electrical tape small role
-my screw on glass pack muff (for night riding and city use) (not used during daytime country road riding)
-a magic marker and a pen and pencil
-a spare tire tube cap
-a zip lock baggy of asorted metric screws, nuts washers, and lock washers

all of this stuff is organized in zip lock baggies and stores neatly in just my little bell handle bar mounted bag.

with my little handlebar bag of tools i can compleatly disassemble and reassemble my bike on the side of the road, minus the cranks, and even make a gasket if need be !!!!

on top of this its realy cold up here on the NH boarder so i also where a back pack with...
-an extra sweater
-an extra t shirt
-reflective belt (ARMY ISSUE PT BELT, nice and shiny!)
-heavy duty 3ft of chain and boroncarbide cirle style master lock
-my note book (paper)
-my note pad (electronic)
-charger for phone and note pad
-my wallet and cell phone
- my electronic cigarett... lol need that !!!
-and whatever i may need going about my daily activitys and sutch.
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here to stay and compleatly insane ! deal with it lol
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