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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Finished the Puch head install last night, had to grind down the 1/4 14mm long socket to fit in there. When I looked at the head studs the two at the rear of the motor are straight but positioned forward in the block so when you put the head on those rear studs are even harder to fit a socket over.

Performance, way increased! It was 35 degrees outside last night when we went for a 30 minute ride and in the flat straights my buddy Brian was just inching away from me, but he has a 4.5 hp arrow motor and is about 70 pounds heavier.

Basically my motor went from topping out at around 22 mph (remember Im at 5200 ft elevation) and last night I was gaining mph going uphill and as I went by a lamppost I could see I was at 22 mph and climbing. Now I really need an exhaust!!!!


Thanks, again Map!!!!!
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