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Originally Posted by tomcfitz View Post
See, one of the issues is that it won't idle at all, as soon as the clutch disengages, the engine dies. ****, it dies faster than it did when I pushed the kill switch.
So you're saying that you can ride the bike and it runs ok until you release throttle and pull in on clutch lever?

So you can pedal up to a bit of speed, release the clutch and it starts and you can give it gas and it goes but as soon as you let off gas and pull clutch it dies?

Remove the air filter and look at the slide in carb and see if the idle screw is actually holding the slide open at its bottom edge, if the slide is all the way down when you try to adjust the idles screw in it will press against the side of the slide and will not raise it, twist the throttle to wide open and then try to screw in the idle screw, sounds like you have an issue with proper adjustment of the idle screw.

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