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Default Re: acceleration/ gaskets/general discussion

so, i cleaned up the motor..started her back up and it looks like its leaking out of one of my crankcase bolts(the one on bottom of casing not too far away from the two next to the front motor mount).. while i had it idling i did Fat Daddys water trick( props to you FAT DADDY) and hit both port gaskets, base gasket, and the bottom of the motor where i suspect the gasket blew out and it doesnt kill the motor.. now i also cant see as much oil but still see a little inside the bolt hole..before i go to taking it all apart to look at the gaskets my question is this...what else can i look at to narrow it down? i cleaned cap on my exhaust but havent figured out how to get the innards out to clean it without havin to cut something apart and weld it . another thing i havent done is try to lean out my mixture in my carb by messing with that tab cause i wasnt sure if the carbs the problem and thus didnt want to mess up a perfectly working part.. any suggestions? Thanks alot for your time and input....GREATLY APPRECIATED
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