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welding class has continued to be great for learning practice and making some new friends

i have also found like most things in Belgium-- everything is more expensive than in the good ole USA

gas tanks for MIG machine rental 100 euros and fill 50 euros for one year only

purchase 300 euros
1 euro = 1.35 dollars

thinking of going to Leuven this sunday for a motorcycle swap meet--beurs
take train 6:45 am then walk 5 kilometers or hopefully find a bus -- but at that hour especially on a sunday it is doubtful one will be in service!!

unusually warm break in the dreary damp cold rain has allowed me to run my china girl all over town sporting a 100 year old leather seat and one of the five laid back seat posts i made in my welding class that i identified from a book of Belgian motorcycles on a Marck motorbike of its day

weather and difficulties finding things readily available in Los Angeles has slowed my chop twist and splice activities a bit though various pieces of mzetal tubing and such have begun to clutter the entrace to my home here

abrasive disks here are so incompatible for my european black and decker circular saw and the old heavy duty wood chop saw that i want to use as a metal chop saw -- made a few adapters out of bicycle seat post of all things!!

well soon to chop and weld

my flipped frame dutch style ladies bike is pretty cool, just needs a tensioner for the pedal chain

ride safe and let your mind soar!!
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