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Default Re: 125cc engine!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by jasonh View Post
Or just look at it..125cc is WAY bigger than 50cc.

One question: WHY?

This is a bicycle, what the heck are you going to do with 125cc's?
My bike, The Iron Dragon has twin 43cc 2.2hp Mitsubishi engines. With one engine, I had to ride the sidewalks and bike paths. With two engines, I claim the lane.

I'm upgrading to a 6hp 169cc Robin engine.


I want more power, silly guy.

What am I using 169cc for?

I commute daily among thousands of cars. I need to claim the lane with quickness and maintain 35 mph speed, like the thousands of mopeds here.

With 35-50cc and 1.25 hp to 2.5 hp, go ahead and crawl along the road's edge until some inattentive clod runs you into the gutter.

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