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Default Re: Posting pictures

Originally Posted by atombikes View Post
I really wish everyone on here would use google photos (Picasa) instead of Photobucket. Photobucket is a massive pain, it doesn't display photos in a large format on this site, and when you click into a photo to enlarge, it takes you to a normal size resolution, then you have to click again (maybe it's several time) to get to original resolution.

With Picasa, you right click on the image and select "copy hyperlink location" or go to Properties and copy url, then just paste that into your thread. Here's an example:

Maybe the same amount of clicks to post a photo, but for the person looking at your thread it makes it easier to view the original image size.

My opinion.
Which host is preferred is often personal preference and makes little difference provided folks are able to share their work.

No external host will display full resolution pics on this site, we've disabled that with an image maximum to aid load times. The small thumbnail view is often chosen deliberately as to not clutter a thread, the displayed "full sized version" is scaled to 450px 350px (approximately) by our forum software regardless of the host or source. Clicking any image will display it's original resolution.

We did have quite some difficulty with unresized pictures being posted before we altered the software, folks were posting pics so huge as to distort the display with file sizes so large it was as if we were downloading MP3s. Five per post times as many posts in that thread - you can see how this was becoming an issue.

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