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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
Looks great Dan...... by the way I use 1/4" drive Craftsman deep socket to tighten the nuts oon my Puch heads, they work without needing to grind on them.

Oh dang, I think I remember you telling me that lol. That's what I will probably do as I will need a dedicated socket for these heads. Thanks again!

Originally Posted by dodge dude94 View Post
My engine chain is new....25 miles on it. Sounded as if it was coming from the pedal side.
Well I hope cleaning that chain fixes your woes Dude.

Originally Posted by dracothered View Post
Over the weekend I setup my tube notcher.

I had to weld up a bracket to bolt it to the drill press table.
My ignorance will shine through right now (not that I try to disguise it) whats a tube notcher?

Originally Posted by Ouch that Hurt View Post
I decked my head today. Noticed some oil covering the top fin of the jug. Did the glass sadpaper method. But it was the fins that were gettin in the way of a good seal. Dunno if i warped the head during break in or if just bad casting. But all good now....purrs like a malnourished kitten.
Originally Posted by truckd View Post
I Hook up the drive line
hmm. Ill have to take a second glance and see if my head wasn't warped, thought it was the gasket.
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