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Default acceleration/ gaskets/general discussion

Hi everyone..if i havent already talked to ya my name is bean.. so, short story short i ran into some issues with my wonderful bike while riding one day to work and found a host of problems as i am a first-engine owner and will admit that i am a little slacky when it comes to monthly inspections(besides the ol check the screws, nuts etc). i have a 66/80 flyin horse from bikeberry and its got over 300 miles on it i realize one day that i have no acceleration over 5 mph at WOT..cleaned petcock(paint chips, even got a new one), got a new filter, took carb apart checked it out(thanks to all of you guys input) and seems pretty clean... so i start her up for five mins and lo and behold i look down and see a little leak from the bottom gasket on the cylinder..changed it out and sealed it up (and the carb intake pipe) and i thought i was ready to go....doin the same...i inspected the bottom of the motor casing and it looks like its leaking out of the screw hole or first guess is the crankcase gasket or the other 8 i can see around on top of the motor(joke)..any suggestions? reason im asking is pedal or motor is how i get to work..its cold and the wind blows against me every day on way home..pedaling sucks when it feels like your riding a stationary bike on the road..haha after alot of frustration i had to look up a lot of posts and threads to get alot of answers..if i fill my head up with any more knowledge i minds well get a degree oh and i found a thread or post with pics of an exhaust being taken apart(not the black cat pipe, but the silver one) and i cant find it after reading my brains out so if anyone knows i would be thankful.. thanks mr.bean
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