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Default Re: Rugged off road mini bike build thread.

Curtis I WILL have logs to "worry" about, I look forward to it. This will be an off road point a to point b camping bike.

And yes Rick no more flux (for the time being that is). I do not own the welder in the photo. It belongs to a friend from work who also lives with his parents, except they won't let him use the welder there, so my home is it's home until the owner has a place he can hook up the welder at. It is an old 220 welder, weak for a 220 but obviously it kicks my flux core out of the water. I ran the breaker and wires on friday night and got that 220 going. You gotta come check it out.

As small as that flux core welder is I will prob keep it in my trunk now with my spare tire and tool bag. I never know when I'm gonna turn a wrench at a friends house and portable welding will be nice.

Also what do you guys think of the frame height in relation to the axle height as shown in the pic? Not sure exactly what I'm gonna do with height but give me your opinions on where it is at now in the most recent picture.
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